1. karlis

    Hi, love your website. I’ve been interested in a bicycle powered sewing machine, essentially a pedal-to-sewing machine adapter that can be attached to older (1900-1960) “standard” motor sewing machines. I’d love to hear from you if you know of any designs.

  2. Hello Uula. Great website with inspiring projects. Especially the boat velomobile is amazing. I’m currently also building a sociable velomobile as hommage to the Mochet Velocar and the finnish and swedish self builds in the past, so it’s nice to find other people with similar projects.
    Regards, Kai

  3. My name is Mollie. My family and I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR JURO! My family and I are homeless and living on the streets. It’s hard and heartbreaking and the struggle sometimes makes it unbearable. We’ve been surviving on the streets, living on less then pennies a day. Sacrificing and saving every cent we have, just so we can one day get off these streets and finally have a place to call home. Wherever/whatever that may be. We’d love the opportunity to show just how comfortable and lovely life in a JERO can be and we’d love the opportunity to call it home. I know this is asking a lot but I’m hoping with all the hope I have left in my heart you’ll find a way to help us. It really would be a much needed miracle and an absolute blessing!… Mollie

    • Sorry Mollie, unfortunately I can’t help you. We do not make these in a factory but on order and the amount of work and mayerial cost involved from me personally is too large for a donation. I would look into ex army tents with a wood burner. They are in my opinion the best and most cost effective option for emergency shelter, and also well functioning living spaces. Please get in touch if you would like more information. I am personally familiar wit ex british military equipment and can advise you on that. Best regards Uula

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