Living in a Circle


‘Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves.’ (Edwin Way Teale) A Quest into the Nature of Need.


About Tools for a Simple Life

Uula Jero is an artist, designer & fabricator. He specialises in sustainable technology. Uula makes things like human powered machines, utility bicycles and shelters on commission.


  1. Doesn’t rain fall into the yurt ?

  2. Meeghan

    This is amazing! All around. Would it be possible to use a solid anchor ring in the middle to run a stove pipe through. The wood stove could serve as an anchor in the center?

    • Hello Meeghan,

      I’ve not seen this done before, but I could imagine in theory you could use your stove flue as a central supporting column or ground anchor. You should make sure that the flue sections were securely locked to a stable and substantial stove to prevent accidents from happening in high winds. You wouldn’t want your flue separating itself whilst there was a fire in the stove. This happened to a friend in a bell tent that is admittedly, as a lighter and looser canvas structure, more prone to movement in the wind. I like to use the guy lines in the canvas crown cover to pin the yurt down to the ground is stormy weather. In a yurt we’ve produced more recently we’ve added several anchor points for guy lines to increase stability in high winds as the structure is still relatively light.


  3. Meeghan

    How do you seal the flue as it is shown to protect from rain or snow?

  4. Your flue needs to have a little ‘hat’ or what is called a chimney cowl.

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